Our Pledge To You

We are dedicated to helping individuals find the right options for their health insurance needs. At Lowcountry Health Brokers, we provide you with an education of various company plans needed to make an informed choice.

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Here For You

We work for you, not the health insurance company.

Family Owned

We are a local, family owned business here in South Carolina advising clients daily.


Trust us with one of your most important decisions, your health coverage.

Medicare Open Enrollment

October 15th- December 7th, 2021

Shop your advantage plans and drugs plans for 2022.

Individual Health Insurance Open Enrollment starts November 1st - January 15th, 2022.

Do you have health insurance questions?
Get them answered by a person at our office!

When should you shop?

We recommend starting to look at your options 6 months before your 65th birthday. That way you have plenty of time to understand your options and costs. We provide a full explanation of Medicare during our first meeting.


The deductible is the amount you pay out of pocket at the contracted rate before your health coverage will pay a claim. After the deductible, you usually pay only co-insurance for covered services and your health insurance company pays the rest. Call us we will be happy to explain in more detail.

Health Insurance Costs

Maybe, but it depends on a few factors. Call our office today and we can let you know in minutes!

Types of Coverage

That depends on the type of health coverage you are needing. Many options are available throughout the year. We will help you find the coverage you need and get you covered as soon as possible

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